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Why choose Mediation Process?

Mediation Process LLP is a private company formed to practice civil, commercial and family mediation. Resolving commercial or partner disputes in the courts is – generally speaking – a costly, time consuming and stressful process. Details of the case are always made public, whether actually reported or not. And at the end of the process the outcome is always far from certain.

Working with Mediation Process lets you:

• Be listened to and given a fair hearing.

• Be offered justice on your own terms.

• Decide yourself whether to settle or not.

• Draw a line under the past.

• Save money for the more important things in life.

• Keep the dispute private.

• Work with a completely impartial, non-judgemental professional.

• Have confidence that agreements will be honoured.

• Move on with the future, clear of this dispute.

Mediation Process is run by Ian Strathcarron, Diana Cawdell, members of the Civil Mediation Council and Lizzie Haynes, a member of the Family Mediators Association.